Music Lessons

We are pleased to have offered music lessons to over 400 students of all ages and playing levels.  We have an incredible team of highly talented musicians, but musicians who can also teach very well.  We believe music is about community and passion, so first and foremost we want students to grow in their love for their instrument and for the music they can make.  We do believe everyone is musical and we want to show you that is true.

We offer lessons at $25 a half hour (HST included) and typically students do a half-hour a week.  Music lessons are offered for the following instruments (and the list keeps growing!):

guitar ~ piano ~ drums ~ voice ~ violin ~ bass  ~ ukulele ~ mandolin ~ banjo ~ saxophone

Come join us!  Click the link below and let us know what your ideal lesson time would be.

Share Music. Share Life!

  • John Browne


    John is a guitar genius and was the first teacher to join E-Bolt Music!

  • Katie Crosby


    Katie has been helping students reach their piano goals for years!  She’s a true pro!

  • Steve Trayes


    Drum master Steve is on another level, stoked that he’s on our team!

  • Kate Stehouwer


    The voice of an angel, such a dream!

  • Grant Gimpel


    Grant is a regular performer around KW-Cambridge and actually teaches bass and ukelele as well!

  • Samuel Ganton


    Yeah we do violin lessons too!  Samuel is incredibly talented in both the classical string world as well as in the bluegrass culture!